Ultra-light magnetic stylusMore convenient use and storage

The stylus is remarkably lightweight at just 7 grams, and the device is equipped with four neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets known for their strong magnetic attraction and durability. Unlike traditional clip-on holders, this design ensures the stylus snaps back into place effortlessly after every use.

Unique and comfortable stylus design

The shaft of the stylus is designed like a runway, making it easy to hold for both large and small hands. Weighing only 7 grams, the stylus is light enough to be used comfortably for long durations without tiring the hand.

Customised LCD film for clear, natural handwriting

The Mi LCD Writing Tablet uses a customised LCD film with blue-green handwriting and a strikingly clear display, combining the experience of writing on traditional paper with that of a smooth LCD screen.